Will you clean-up and remove all construction debris?
Yes, Creative Carpentry Concepts, LLC. will absolutely “respect your home”. We keep a clean work site and thoroughly clean-up and remove all construction debris.
What type of warranty do you provide on custom work?
All custom work carries a 1 year workmanship guarantee from date of install.
Can we as clients, participate in the project to save money?
I always encourage the homeowner to insert some “sweat equity” into their projects to save money. Areas such as demolition, putty, caulk, paint, material transport, and debris removal are certainly possible savings targets for the homeowner.
Can crown molding be installed with a cathedral ceiling?
Yes, this is one of the unique talents possessed by the Creative Carpentry Concepts, LLC. team. In finish work only 20% of carpenters can actually install crown molding without using a lot of caulk. We are among the minority of finish carpenters (5% or less) that can actually install “Cathedral Crown Molding”. This is very difficult because of the complex joint cutting geometry required to adapt standard crown to the compound angles of a cathedral ceiling intersection.
Can you install both manufactured as well as custom cabinetry?
Yes, as our name implies “Creative Carpentry Concepts, LLC.” can either catalog purchase or actually create custom cabinetry in an array of wood species, door details, and/or various stain and poly sheen finishes. Architectural renderings are available for pre-approval of custom configurations. The owner is a Wentworth graduate Architectural Engineer.
Are you a full service business that can provide a turnkey solution?
Absolutely, if the project requires other skilled trades to complete we have a full stable of licensed & insured sub-contractors such as plumbers, electricians and tile installers.
Are your prices competitive in today’s financial climate?
We are very proud to say that we are awarded over 90% of what we bid!
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, our License # is C-10196 and we carry $1,000,000. in liability insurance coverage.
What primary services do you offer?
We are interior finish specialists. We provide customized trim work as well as repairs and renovations. We like to say that we handle everything from base to case to crown and everything in between. This can be kitchens, baths, home offices, and entertainment centers.